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Conflict over asylum and immigration laws continues

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Immigration And Naturalization

Immigration issues continue to make headlines in New Jersey and across the country. Many people trying to enter the United States by seeking asylum are facing detention and numerous other difficulties along the way. Their situations may only get more challenging as the presidential administration continues efforts to add asylum restrictions.

Proposals, signed proclamations, denials and appeals are all playing major parts in immigration changes as of late. The current administration had created a presidential proclamation that would ban immigrants from seeking asylum outside official ports of entry if they illegally entered the United States. However, a federal district judge put a restraining order on the ban, determining that it conflicted with current immigration law. The judge also determined that the ban would place asylum seekers at risk of harm at the border.

The restraining order was recently upheld by a panel of judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals with a majority opinion of 5-4 that the proclamation did not coincide with existing immigration law. The panel also ruled that changes to immigration law should fall to the U.S. Congress. The presidential administration stated that it plans to appeal the ruling.

Asylum seekers already face plenty of challenges, and their journeys are only becoming more difficult. In efforts to achieve their goals, it is often wise to seek help and have allies. Individuals who would like to better understand the process of seeking protection in the United States and want to gain legal advocates in New Jersey can contact immigration law attorneys in the state, who could provide much-needed assistance.