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How deportation negatively impacts families and communities

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2019 | Uncategorized

Deportation is a reality for many immigrants in America. Most families are striving for greater opportunities and overall quality of life in the land of the free. However, there’s often a ripple effect of negative consequences when a loved one is deported out of the country.

Perhaps your loved one was a major financial contributor to your family’s stability in America. There are many connections that form when immigrants come. Then after deportation, those bonds are broken, and it weakens the family infrastructure that once depended on that person’s contribution.

Psychosocial consequences

The fear and agony of the families left behind often lingers after a loved one is deported. There was a reason major sacrifices were made to leave their homeland and embark on a new life in another country. Families are forced to worry about the outcome of their loved one. And many feel their progress in America is unjustly regressing. These stressors have an impact on the psychosocial dynamics of the families left behind as well as the individual being taken back to their home country.

Untrusting of community programs

It is common for immigrant families to shy away from the community programs and environments that would normally help them integrate and grow. The fear is that communicating the wrong information may cause a flag to be raised and their ability to stay in this country questioned by authorities. Therefore, less outside friendships are formed, and less involvement is made.

If you or your loved ones are facing deportation threats, you are not alone. You need strong legal support to guide you through the process of protecting yourself and your family. Reaching out for help is better than risking the loss of your loved one back into a country you have fled from.