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Need help to resolve immigration and naturalization issues?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Immigration And Naturalization

New Jersey is home to many immigrants, some who have only recently arrived in the United States and others who have been living here for decades. The immigration and naturalization system can be quite complex. Therefore, it is not uncommon for legal obstacles to arise in either case, regardless of how long ago a person’s arrival in the U.S. took place.

Many immigrants share an ultimate goal of obtaining citizenship. The process takes time, and there are numerous requirements that must be fulfilled. For instance, a person seeking to become a naturalized citizen of the United States must take several tests to show mastery of certain knowledge and skills. He or she must be able to speak, read and write English, and must also be able to answer basic questions about U.S. history and how the federal government functions.

Several immigration processes involve an official interview, such as becoming a citizen or applying for a green card. An immigration official may ask all sorts of personal questions, especially if the government suspects that the person being interviewed has committed immigration fraud. The best way to avoid interview problems is to fully prepare ahead of time, making sure all paperwork is in good order and that all proper steps have been taken toward accomplishing one’s immigration goals.

If you’re worried about a particular immigration and naturalization issue, you’ll be glad to know that support is available. Decosmo & Rolon are experienced New Jersey attorneys who understand that your freedom and ability to stay in the United States may hinge upon the outcome of a particular case. We are committed to providing effective guidance and strong support to help you overcome legal status problems and work toward making your dreams of becoming a permanent resident or U.S. citizen come true.