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Individuals may come to New Jersey and other parts of the United States for professional reasons. However, coming to the country to work does not offer additional protection from possible immigration issues if a person is accused of a crime. Of course, each case is different, and if a person faces a criminal charge, understanding how immigration status could be affected is wise.

It was recently reported that Major League Baseball player Odubel Herrera has been arrested after an alleged altercation with his girlfriend that took place in Atlantic City. Apparently, the 27-year-old centerfielder for the Phillies got into an argument with the 20-year-old woman while in a hotel room. It was unclear how authorities became alerted to the situation, but when they arrived at the scene, they saw that the woman had scratches on her arms and an injury to her neck. However, she declined medical attention.

The report indicated that Herrera is currently facing a misdemeanor charge for domestic violence and has been placed on administrative leave by the MLB. It was also noted that he is a native of Venezuela, and though he works in the United States, it is unclear what is immigration status is. However, it may be wise for him to consider how this charge could potentially affect his residency in the country, though it is unlikely that severe consequences regarding his immigration status will occur due to the charge being a misdemeanor.

Any time an immigrant is charged with a crime in the United States, it is wise to understand whether the situation could cause major immigration issues. Gaining information on the charges themselves, making sure that immigration records and paperwork are in order, and generally preparing for a case is wise. Additionally, individuals with concerns in this type of situation may want to consult with New Jersey attorneys experienced in both criminal and immigration law.