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Man faces need for criminal defense due to multiple allegations

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Criminal Defense

For some people, a simple traffic stop can quickly go downhill. If authorities believe that other suspect activity is taking place in addition to the reason for the stop, a person could end up facing serious allegations. If so, rather than driving away with a ticket, a driver may need to find information on criminal defense options.

It was recently reported that a man was taken into custody in New Jersey after a traffic stop. It was unclear what exactly prompted the stop, but it was noted that the man allegedly committed a traffic violation. The officer then suspected that the man was under the influence, and he was taken into custody for DWI. It was unclear whether any blood alcohol tests or sobriety tests were conducted at the scene.

After a search of the man’s vehicle, authorities purportedly discovered an AK-47 rifle, which was fully loaded. As a result, the man is now facing charges for DWI, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, unlawful possession of weapons, aggravated assault and other allegations. Details were not given on what gave cause to the assault charge.

This man will certainly want to do his best to get out of the situation in a favorable manner. It may take a great deal of time and effort, but he has the right to create and present a criminal defense against the allegations if he wishes to do so. Because he is from out of state, he may wish to gain information on the charges brought against him and the New Jersey laws associated with them.