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The basics of the naturalization process

Wanting to become a citizen of the United States is a common desire. However, the naturalization process is not easy, and many people living in New Jersey may wonder whether they will ever reach this goal. Fortunately, understanding the process could help them work toward obtaining citizenship.

Couple faces criminal charges after altercation with officer

For some people, getting pulled over by police can initiate a fight or flight response. Though this response is instinctual in many stressful situations, fighting or fleeing from police often creates more problems than solutions. In fact, additional criminal charges could result.

There are many serious issues with eyewitness testimony

If you get accused of a crime, the charges against you may hinge on the testimony of one key witness. This person may claim that they were at the scene and witnessed the event in question. For this example, it doesn't actually matter what you have been accused of. Almost any type of crime can be witnessed by a third party, who may then try to counter your claims if you go to court and say you did nothing wrong.

More immigration policy changes lead to concern

It is common for U.S. citizens to have children outside of the country. This may be particularly true for military members and other federal personnel stationed abroad. Usually, when these children are born, they are still considered as residing in the United States. However, New Jersey readers may be interested in recent immigration policy changes that may put an end to that automatic citizenship.

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