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Reports of domestic violence on the rise: But how many are true?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Criminal Defense

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, what happens when you spend every second of your day together? Does your heart get less fond of someone? Does their heart get less fond of you?

Domestic violence accusations are on the rise, according to recent reports. Spending a lot of time together is hard. As human beings, we need our space. When you remove that personal space, it amplifies the little differences between two people. That is the reason shows such as Big Brother work.

While many recent reports of domestic abuse will be genuine, some will not be. Some people may make a false accusation as a way to get their personal space back.

Domestic violence accusations can take many forms: physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial. Here are some of the thing your accuser could say:

  • You are financially controlling them (you have just lost your job and are being careful with the cash)
  • You are listening in on their private phone conversations (they talk loudly, you live in a tiny flat; it is impossible not to hear them)
  • You are refusing to talk to them (you have your headphones on because you need to concentrate on your work)
  • You are spying on their emails and messages (you share a computer, and they left their browser windows open)
  • You are holding sex back from them (you do not feel like it lately)

If someone falsely accuses you of domestic violence in New Jersey, get in touch with a criminal law attorney immediately. Talking to someone outside your relationship, who knows the legal ins and outs, is essential.