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Man accused of drug, gun crimes during arrest in local park

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Criminal Defense

In Camden, there are many crimes that take place. It’s important for you, and anyone else who is accused of a crime, to know that you have a right to defend yourself. There are many reasons that people commit crimes or are accused of them, and it’s worth the time to fight back if you’re accused.

Being convicted of a crime could change your life forever. That’s why it’s a smart choice to talk to your attorney if you’re accused of drug or gun charges. These happen often, which is why you see these cases in the news.

Take, for example, this case from Oct. 2. A 28-year-old person has been accused of both drug and gun charges after the man was stopped with around 418 small bags of a substance that the authorities allege may have been fentanyl. So far, there is no actual evidence that anything in the bags were drugs or specifically fentanyl.

The man was arrested at the Cooper River Park. The authorities charged him with the intention to distribute drugs. Since he was carrying a gun at the time of the arrest, he was also charged for possessing a gun while partaking in a drug crime.

It’s easy to see, based on this case, how one alleged crime can start causing multiple charges to build up. This is just one reason why it’s smart to have a strong defense from the start. If you’re arrested, don’t underestimate the importance of having your attorney there to help you know the right steps to take to defend your rights and freedoms in the future.