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How many Family Preference Visas are available annually?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Immigration And Naturalization

Living in the United States is something many people dream of achieving. If you were born a citizen or have come to the United States, you are probably proud of your status. It is natural and admirable to want to extend that same opportunity to the people you love. Getting into the United States is a long and often expensive process, but it can be easier if the aspiring immigrant knows someone in the United States.

Family-based immigration is one of the most common means of entry into the United States. Both legal permanent residents and naturalized citizens, as well as natural-born citizens, have the right to help family members and loved ones enter the United States.

There are multiple different visa and immigration programs available for the family members of existing citizens and residents. In certain circumstances, the program that works for them may be the family preference visa program.

Who can utilize the family preference visa program?

The family preference visa program is available to both lawful permanent residents and citizens. Citizens can use the family preference visa program as a way to bring extended family members, including siblings, into the country. Unmarried children of citizens receive first preference in this program, although married children of citizens can also apply for this kind of visa.

Lawful permanent residents or Green Card holders can use family preference visas to help their spouses and children enter the country. Only unmarried children under the age of 21 can enter the United States through a family preference visa through a lawful permanent resident.

There is a strict annual limit on the family preference visa program

Some visa programs, like the visas available for spouses and children of citizens, have no limits. However, the family preference visa program has an annual maximum number of people that can use this kind of Visa. In any given year, only 480,000 family preference visas are available for entry into the United States.

That limit makes the process more competitive and makes the accuracy and thoroughness of your application that much more important. Getting the right help with every step of the immigration process is one way to set yourself up for success.