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Embezzlement charges in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Embezzlement ranks as one of the most troubling forms of theft that a company may experience. Actually, both for-profit and nonprofit entities might suffer problems with embezzlement. Unlike more common forms of theft, embezzlement typically involves an inside job where someone appropriates money in violation of their employer’s trust. So, such activities might occur under a New Jersey business owner or executive for years before someone finds out.

Embezzlement and its victims

Embezzlers do not breach entry to a business in the middle of the night and walk away with merchandise and money. Rather, they are typically people employed by a company and have access to cash or accounts. So, an embezzler could be someone who moves money from a company account to a personal one.

Also, an embezzler could direct payments to cover personal expenses. Embezzlers may access accounting records, allowing them to hide such schemes.

Further compounding the troubles would be the inability to recover the money after discovery. If an employee still $10,000 over two years from a convenience store, recovering the money may become impossible when the person has no assets and has already spent the stolen funds. Perhaps an insurance claim may be the only recourse in some situations.

Defending embezzlement charges

Anyone charged with embezzlement has a right to a criminal defense. Mistakes and misunderstandings could lead to an embezzlement investigation, even though the person accused did nothing wrong. An effective criminal defense strategy could start long before the district attorney files formal charges, and the accused might straighten the matter out long before things become complicated.

For example, an employee could provide documented evidence proving an employer authorized the employee to direct funds to pay personal expenses. Maybe the evidence shows the employee misunderstood the communication, leading to the alleged embezzlement.