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Common reasons why people receive U.S. travel visa denials

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Immigration And Naturalization

New Jersey is a state that attracts visitors from around the world. If someone from another country wanted to visit New Jersey, they might do so by obtaining a U.S. travel visa. Unfortunately, applying for this visa type doesn’t mean the U.S. government will approve it. There are several reasons why the United States denies travel visa applications.

A lack of money

One factor that determines visa approval is whether an applicant can support themselves from a monetary standpoint while in the United States. To confirm this information, travel visa applicants must submit documentation of their funds. If an applicant can’t provide this information or has limited funds, this person might not receive a U.S. travel visa.

Application errors

Applying for a U.S. travel visa involves a few steps, including completing Form DS-60. This form requires all applicants to answer questions as accurately as possible. Whether an applicant leaves out information intentionally or accidentally, either option could lead to a denied travel visa application.

Where you apply from

The United States government has many factors determining the risk of giving visas to people from foreign countries. If you live in a country deemed to be high-risk, this situation can limit your ability to receive a U.S. travel visa. Fortunately, immigration law prevents automatic application disqualifications for those living in high-risk countries. Residents of high-risk countries can receive visa approvals by creating and submitting strong applications.

Receiving a denial after applying for a U.S. travel visa is understandably disheartening. Fortunately, the United States allows people who received a visa refusal to reapply. However, a returning applicant must also pay visa-related fees again. So, it’s best to ensure you complete your application accurately the first time.