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American CEOs are calling for an increase in work permits

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Immigration And Naturalization

The topic of immigration has sparked many heated debates, especially when it comes to the role of immigrants in the workforce. Many people fail to understand the necessity for an immigrant workforce. 

However, the American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC), a group of over 4,100 CEOs and employers, recognizes that immigrants are not just beneficial but essential for the stability of this country’s economy. Therefore, they are calling upon the Biden administration to find solutions that will allow both documented and undocumented immigrants to continue to work in the United States.

The economic contributions of immigrants

A common complaint is that immigrants are taking jobs away from U.S. citizens. That is simply untrue. There are currently over 8.5 million job openings, and many industries face labor shortages. This is especially apparent in sectors that require specialized skills or in jobs that are less attractive to American workers. Immigrants are filling these labor gaps and playing a crucial role in essential services such as healthcare, agriculture and construction. 

Another myth is that immigrants drain public resources. In reality, immigrants are often contributors to the economy. They spend money on housing, food, transportation and other necessities. Furthermore, undocumented immigrants pay approximately $9.8 billion in federal, state and local taxes for benefits they will never receive. Their contributions sustain public services.

Immigrants provide an even greater boost to economic growth through entrepreneurship and innovation. They are more likely than native-born citizens to start their own businesses, which create more jobs and drive innovation by producing groundbreaking products and services.

We need comprehensive immigration solutions that recognize this country’s economic needs while also ensuring fair treatment of immigrants. It’s vital that they have someone working on their behalf who will help them navigate the immigration process, integrate into their new environment and set them on a path to building successful lives in the United States.