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Facing Deportation Requires Effective Representation

Facing deportation can be scary and overwhelming. If the government believes that someone has entered the United States illegally, overstayed a visa, or violated immigration or criminal laws, they can begin deportation proceedings.

You have a right to defend yourself and fight to stay in the country. The results of these cases can be life-changing, so it is imperative to have highly experienced attorneys who will fight for you at every stage.

The attorneys at DeCosmo & Rolón have successfully defended more than a thousand immigrants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania from deportation, and now we want to fight for you. We have won, on behalf of our clients, some of the region’s most challenging and complex deportation cases. Every case is different, and every client’s case must be handled and evaluated on its own merits.

The Deportation Process

Deportation proceedings create anxiety. We cannot eliminate all of it, but we can take away the mystery, set your expectations and give you the best chance to succeed.

At DeCosmo & Rolón, our lawyers will take the time to explain the deportation process to you step by step and advise you of your rights. We will speak to you to understand your priorities and concerns, and will map out a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve your goals. Then, we will execute the tactics to implement our strategy and achieve your goals.

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Deportation charges must be taken seriously. You don’t have time to hesitate. If you are at risk of being deported, call our Camden office today for a free consultation at or fill out our contact form here. Se habla espanol.