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New Jersey man facing murder charge after alleged shooting

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Most people get into serious disagreements at some point in their lives. These disagreements can sometimes lead to shouting or physical contact, and some incidents may escalate further. If a dispute ends in a fatality, a murder charge could result, and the accused party will undoubtedly need a strong criminal defense.

It was recently reported that a 32-year-old man in New Jersey was charged in relation to a fatal incident. Apparently, the man and his father-in-law had gotten into a dispute, but there were no details given regarding what the dispute may have been about. Nonetheless, the man allegedly shot the 49-year-old victim multiple times. It was unclear when police came to the scene, but they apparently did not apprehend the man at the time of the incident.

The father-in-law was being transported to an area hospital after the alleged shooting, but he died before reaching the medical facility. The report stated that the man turned himself in to authorities. He is currently facing charges of murder, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. 

The man charged in this fatal event has a long road ahead of him when it comes to defending against the allegations brought against him. Charges for murder and weapons crimes can come with steep penalties if convictions result, and he most likely wants to avoid that type of outcome. In order to help himself as his case moves forward, he may want to utilize local New Jersey legal resources to gain information on the charges brought against him and his possible defense avenues.