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Force-feeding taking place at immigration detention center

Many people's journeys to better lives have a number of difficult aspects to them. Individuals looking to build those lives in the United States can face many roadblocks along the way, including immigration detention. While detainment does not mean their journeys are coming to an end, it could mean that they will face more hardships along the way.

New Jersey readers may be interested in a hunger strike taking place at a detention center in another state. Over the last month, dozens of individuals have participated in such strikes, but recently, a court order has reportedly allowed Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to force-feed nine men. The force-feeding reportedly involves tying the men to a "force-feeding bed," inserting tubes into the men's noses in order to pour liquid through and inserting IVs into their arms. The process happens three times a day according to a 22-year-old detainee.

How deportation negatively impacts families and communities

Deportation is a reality for many immigrants in America. Most families are striving for greater opportunities and overall quality of life in the land of the free. However, there’s often a ripple effect of negative consequences when a loved one is deported out of the country.

Perhaps your loved one was a major financial contributor to your family’s stability in America. There are many connections that form when immigrants come. Then after deportation, those bonds are broken, and it weakens the family infrastructure that once depended on that person’s contribution.

DeCosmo - Picker Announcement

DeCosmo & Rolon is pleased to announce that Anne T. Picker is joining our firm as its new of-counsel attorney. In this position, Anne will enhance the firm's diverse immigration practice, utilizing her specialized knowledge and years of experience in criminal cases that have immigration consequences.

Are crimmigration statistics as scary as some claim?

Many people worry about immigrants in the United States committing crimes, and the immigrants themselves often worry about the repercussions they may face if charged with a crime. Certainly, their immigration status could be negatively affected, and it is important to handle matters of crimmigration in New Jersey seriously. It is also important to understand the statistics relating to immigration and crime rates.

It was recently reported that during a speech, the president claimed that tens of thousands of crimes were carried out by undocumented immigrants. Unsurprisingly, he is hoping that his claims will boost support for his proposed border wall. However, it is unclear where he obtained those numbers because no national database exists for specifically counting crimes committed by individuals based on immigration status.

New Jersey man facing murder charge after alleged shooting

Most people get into serious disagreements at some point in their lives. These disagreements can sometimes lead to shouting or physical contact, and some incidents may escalate further. If a dispute ends in a fatality, a murder charge could result, and the accused party will undoubtedly need a strong criminal defense.

It was recently reported that a 32-year-old man in New Jersey was charged in relation to a fatal incident. Apparently, the man and his father-in-law had gotten into a dispute, but there were no details given regarding what the dispute may have been about. Nonetheless, the man allegedly shot the 49-year-old victim multiple times. It was unclear when police came to the scene, but they apparently did not apprehend the man at the time of the incident.

Conflict over asylum and immigration laws continues

Immigration issues continue to make headlines in New Jersey and across the country. Many people trying to enter the United States by seeking asylum are facing detention and numerous other difficulties along the way. Their situations may only get more challenging as the presidential administration continues efforts to add asylum restrictions.

Proposals, signed proclamations, denials and appeals are all playing major parts in immigration changes as of late. The current administration had created a presidential proclamation that would ban immigrants from seeking asylum outside official ports of entry if they illegally entered the United States. However, a federal district judge put a restraining order on the ban, determining that it conflicted with current immigration law. The judge also determined that the ban would place asylum seekers at risk of harm at the border.

Criminal defense: Vehicular homicide charge leveled after crash

When a car accident results in a death, it is not unusual for criminal charges to result. If authorities believe that the driver considered at fault was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident, it is even more likely for that driver to face charges. After such an event, the accused driver will certainly want to review his or her criminal defense options.

It was recently reported that a car accident in New Jersey has led to criminal charges. Apparently, a 22-year-old man was driving a vehicle when he failed to maintain his lane and collided with another car. There were eight people involved in the crash, and six of those people were in the vehicle that was hit.

Drug field tests frequently result in false positives

If you have been following the news lately, you may have seen a New York Times article about a woman who was jailed for months after police misidentified her cotton candy for drugs. How is this possible? Unfortunately, it happens all the time, and is not limited to drug identification. The forensic methods used by prosecutors and law enforcement are often not repeatable, and use methods that are not scientifically sound.

Should noncitizens get a jury trial for misdemeanors?

This question is one in the middle of a heated debate, particularly on the East Coast. There, a current case is working its way through the court systems. The state convicted a man of many assault and harassment crimes. His charges were misdemeanor offenses, but due to his immigration status could result in his deportation.

Generally, such offenses do not warrant a jury trial. However, since this man’s ability to remain in the country was on the line, he fought for the right to plead his case in front of a jury.

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