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The basics of the naturalization process

Wanting to become a citizen of the United States is a common desire. However, the naturalization process is not easy, and many people living in New Jersey may wonder whether they will ever reach this goal. Fortunately, understanding the process could help them work toward obtaining citizenship.

First, a person hoping to become a naturalized citizen must be at least 18 years old when filing the appropriate application. In the case of naturalization, the necessary document is Form N-400, or the application for naturalization. Paperwork plays a major role in this process, so ensuring that the right documents are provided is vital. Additionally, the applicant needs to understand basic English and show that he or she can read, write and speak the language.

Controversial "aggravated felonies" being reconsidered

A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court surprised many observers last year. It came from an unusual team of justices, made up of a one generally seen as conservative along with four generally seen as liberal.

It was also noticed by many immigrants to the United States and their attorneys. Thanks to the decision, it could now be harder to deporting immigrants for certain offenses that are often minor. To continue such deportations, the idea of “aggravated felony” may now finally have to be clarified.

Couple faces criminal charges after altercation with officer

For some people, getting pulled over by police can initiate a fight or flight response. Though this response is instinctual in many stressful situations, fighting or fleeing from police often creates more problems than solutions. In fact, additional criminal charges could result.

It was recently reported that two individuals in New Jersey are facing charges after an altercation with a police officer. Apparently, the officer stopped the couple's vehicle just before 10 a.m. During the stop, the man and woman allegedly attacked the officer. Additional details regarding the purported attack were not given in the report, and it was not mentioned why the officer conducted the traffic stop in the first place.

There are many serious issues with eyewitness testimony

If you get accused of a crime, the charges against you may hinge on the testimony of one key witness. This person may claim that they were at the scene and witnessed the event in question. For this example, it doesn't actually matter what you have been accused of. Almost any type of crime can be witnessed by a third party, who may then try to counter your claims if you go to court and say you did nothing wrong.

Witness testimony is powerful. A witness can be emotional and convincing. They can appear trustworthy. They may even believe what they're saying. The jury often gets swayed by the right testimony. They know that the accused has something to gain by neglecting to tell the truth, but the witness doesn't, so they assume the witness is being honest.

More immigration policy changes lead to concern

It is common for U.S. citizens to have children outside of the country. This may be particularly true for military members and other federal personnel stationed abroad. Usually, when these children are born, they are still considered as residing in the United States. However, New Jersey readers may be interested in recent immigration policy changes that may put an end to that automatic citizenship.

This recent change has many immigration attorneys and advocates confused and concerned over the repercussions this policy could have. Apparently, acquiring citizenship for children born or adopted abroad by military or federal personnel will now require additional paperwork rather than the children immediately obtaining a "residing in the United States" status. Though officials claim that these children will still have a path to citizenship, some immigration advocates feel that it will merely give the government a chance to deny that citizenship.

Man faces need for criminal defense due to multiple allegations

For some people, a simple traffic stop can quickly go downhill. If authorities believe that other suspect activity is taking place in addition to the reason for the stop, a person could end up facing serious allegations. If so, rather than driving away with a ticket, a driver may need to find information on criminal defense options.

It was recently reported that a man was taken into custody in New Jersey after a traffic stop. It was unclear what exactly prompted the stop, but it was noted that the man allegedly committed a traffic violation. The officer then suspected that the man was under the influence, and he was taken into custody for DWI. It was unclear whether any blood alcohol tests or sobriety tests were conducted at the scene.

Immigrant facing criminal charges and ICE scrutiny

The details of any given criminal case could make it more complicated. For instance, if a person is an immigrant believed to be in the country illegally, his or her status could also play a role in the criminal outcomes of the case. As a result, someone facing this type of trouble may need to closely assess his or her legal options.

It was recently reported that one man in New Jersey is currently facing criminal and immigration-related issues. The 30-year-old man was purportedly involved in a car accident that led to the death of a 7-year-old boy. The driver apparently did not have a license, and he was charged with third-degree causing a fatal crash while being an unlicensed driver. He was later released from custody.

Spousal immigration cases can take time to complete

Many New Jersey residents hope to find love at some point in their lives. For some, they may reach this desired milestone but not in the way they expected. Some individuals fall in love and marry people they met in other countries. As a result, immigration steps must be taken if they want their foreign spouses to live in the United States.

Unfortunately, this process can take time. In fact, the entire process for sponsoring a foreign spouse to live legally in the United States can take approximately one year to complete. The process would begin with the citizen spouse filing a petition for the foreign spouse in order to establish that a relationship exists. Unfortunately, it can take up to five months for this petition to obtain approval.

Parents likely looking for criminal defense options for kids

Young people may have the wrong idea that their actions will not have lasting consequences. Unfortunately, this idea could land them in significant legal trouble if a night out of raucous activity involves breaking the law. In fact, individuals charged with crimes may find themselves planning their criminal defense presentations rather than their next night out.

According to reports, six individuals were recently taken into custody in New Jersey after the group allegedly committed multiple crimes one night. Apparently, the individuals got into an unlocked vehicle at a home and opened the garage with an opener inside the vehicle. They then allegedly went into the home and left with the homeowner's dog. Around 4 a.m., authorities received a call from another homeowner indicating that someone tried to open her front door. Officers responded to the scene, and another person said that she saw five people run through her yard.

Defense, appeals important for criminal, immigration cases

Any type of criminal case can have its complications. When the accused person is also an immigrant in the United States, the case can have even more serious implications. In some instances, a person could be at risk for deportation if a conviction for allegations comes against him or her. Of course, it is important to understand that presenting a defense can go a long way toward successfully resolving such cases.

New Jersey readers may be interested in a recent Supreme Court ruling associated with immigrants and the illegal possession of firearms. The particular case began with a man who had come to the United States on a student visa. After his visa expired, the man remained in the country, which resulted in him having an illegal immigration status. The man then went to a firing range, and that incident resulted in him facing charges for illegal possession of a firearm. During his case, part of his defense argument was whether he had to be aware of his illegal status in order to be convicted of the crime.

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