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Man needs criminal defense while facing numerous charges

For reasons often known only to them, some individuals get a taste for breaking the rules. As a result, they may carry out actions or behave in certain ways that could get them in serious trouble if the law catches up to them. Though they may think that they can get away with whatever they want, numerous people wind up needing a criminal defense before they know it.

One man in New Jersey is likely considering his defense options after recently being taken into custody in relation to multiple criminal events that purportedly spanned over several months. According to reports, authorities had received multiple complaints about a person traveling the opposite direction throwing objects at other vehicles. The objects reportedly caused damage to multiple vehicles, including damage to 15 windshields.

Man faces criminal and immigration law issues after murder charge

When an immigrant is charged with a crime, a number of concerns could arise that others do not have to face when in the same predicament. When a person is facing a criminal and immigration law issue, it is wise to have professional help. Any misstep could have lasting repercussions.

One man in New Jersey may be worrying about his case on many levels after recently being charged with murder. The man was reported as being an undocumented immigrant and has had charges of felony murder, murder, aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping brought against him. The allegations stem from an alleged incident that took place in a park where authorities found the body of a 45-year-old woman. It was noted that police did not suspect foul play initially, and the woman's roommate had said that she went out for a jog and did not return.

Hundreds of detainees affected by Trump administration policy

The Supreme Court today ruled 5-4 in favor of the Trump administration's policy of detaining immigrants for an indefinite period of time who are waiting to be deported from the United States. In some cases many of these immigrants are held in immigration custody for several years even after they have fully served any criminal sentence they may have previously received. In New Jersey ICE has the ability to incarcerate more than 2,000 immigrants in jails located in Essex, Hudson and Bergen counties. This decision will likely impact hundreds of those detainees.

New Jersey Attorney General's Immigrant Trust Directive

Partner, Derek DeCosmo, visits St. Joseph Pro Cathedral in Camden, NJ to discuss the impact of New Jersey's "Immigrant Trust Directive" that went into full effect on March 15, 2019. The directive issued by New Jersey's Attorney General places restrictions on local restriction on when and how the cooperate with ICE. Mr. DeCosmo said, "The initiative is intended to strengthen the trust between New Jersey's immigrant communities and local law enforcement, which is critical to good community policing efforts." Mr. DeCosmo further stated, "In cities like Camden we see the safety benefits of strong relationships between immigrants and local law enforcement. Immigrants do not fear that ICE will be called if they come forward when they are a victim of a crime or a witness to a crime."

Does a state CDS charge yield the same immigration consequence as a federal CDS charge?

Partner, Derek DeCosmo, argued an important issue before the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals that will have a major impact on lawful permanent residents who have previously been convicted of a drug offense. Mr. DeCosmo argued that a conviction in New Jersey for possession of CDS with intent to distribute in a school zone is not a CDS conviction under federal immigration law. He further argued that the Government's position breaks with almost thirty years of federal jurisprudence and practice of comparing a state criminal statute of conviction to the single most similar federal statute to determine whether or not the state conviction is aggravated felony for immigration purposes. You can listen to the argument at the link below.

Immigration concerns often coincide with criminal charges

Individuals who have come to live in the United States from other countries often have more concerns than people who were born in New Jersey and other parts of the country. In particular, if an immigrant is accused of a crime, he or she faces a serious ordeal. Not only does that person have to worry about the punishments that a conviction could have but also the effects a conviction or even an arrest could have on immigration status.

It was recently reported that a man in another state is currently facing federal charges after allegedly providing false information on his naturalization application. Allegedly, the 29-year-old man stated that he had never committed a crime or an offense for which authorities had not arrested him and that he had never been charged with committing a crime. However, that was apparently not the case.

Crimmigration case begins after woman allegedly grabs MAGA hat

When a person carries out a rash action, it is possible that criminal charges could result, even if the situation does not seem that serious. If the person charged is also an immigrant in New Jersey or other parts of the United States, it is possible for his or her immigration status to come into question. As a result, a so-called crimmigration case could begin.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state is facing a criminal and immigration predicament. According to reports, the woman was in a restaurant and purportedly grabbed a hat bearing the "Make American Great Again" slogan off of another patron's head. It was unclear what led to the reported event, but nonetheless, the woman was charged with assault and battery, to which she had pleaded not guilty.

Man's criminal defense important for attempted murder charge

People's actions can sometimes be difficult to understand. Those actions may seem random or uncharacteristic, and if they are violent, they can lead to serious criminal charges. In such cases, authorities will undoubtedly investigate, and an accused person will certainly want to gain information on criminal defense options.

One man in New Jersey may soon be exploring his possible options after recently being arrested. According to reports, the man purportedly stabbed a person in what seems to have been a random act of violence at a municipal building. Authorities were alerted to the situation after someone activated panic alarms, and they reportedly found the man sitting on the floor. The stabbing victim was located around the corner from the man. While police spoke with the man, he allegedly punched one of the officers in the eye.

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