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Plea bargains: Important points to consider

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Criminal cases are typically resolved through a variety of methods, with very few cases proceeding to trial. This stark contrast to the common portrayal in television shows and movies underscores the importance of plea bargains. 

One option that some people use is trying to work out a plea deal with the prosecution. This is often done when a defense attorney and the prosecutor can discuss the case objectively and determine if there’s a mutually agreeable way to resolve it. 

Plea deals are only appropriate in limited cases

A defendant should only entertain the idea of a plea deal if they actually committed the crime at hand. As part of a plea deal, the defendant will have to plead guilty or no contest to a specific charge or set of charges. In exchange, the person will typically receive a recommendation of a specific sentence. 

Once a plea deal is reached, it goes before the court. The judge presiding over the case will review the agreement and ensure the defendant understands the implications. It must be agreed to voluntarily.

If the court accepts the plea deal, it will go into effect. The defendant typically won’t be able to appeal the conviction or the sentence. In almost every case, there is a clause that prevents appeals included in the deal. 

Entertaining a plea deal is only one possible method for resolving a criminal case, so defendants should ensure they explore any others that are open. Working with someone familiar with these matters can be beneficial as they look into what types of defense strategies might be possible.