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Force-feeding taking place at immigration detention center

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Immigration And Naturalization

Many people’s journeys to better lives have a number of difficult aspects to them. Individuals looking to build those lives in the United States can face many roadblocks along the way, including immigration detention. While detainment does not mean their journeys are coming to an end, it could mean that they will face more hardships along the way.

New Jersey readers may be interested in a hunger strike taking place at a detention center in another state. Over the last month, dozens of individuals have participated in such strikes, but recently, a court order has reportedly allowed Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to force-feed nine men. The force-feeding reportedly involves tying the men to a “force-feeding bed,” inserting tubes into the men’s noses in order to pour liquid through and inserting IVs into their arms. The process happens three times a day according to a 22-year-old detainee.

That man stated that he has gone on a hunger strike due to the unfair treatment he and other detainees suffer from the guards, including being denied bond when others have been released. He also indicated that during the force-feeding, he cannot properly breathe or talk and that the pressure from the liquid being forced into the tube often makes the men vomit. A human rights organization claims that the force-feeding is cruel and inhuman.

Fighting for a better life can be a long and bitter journey. Individuals in immigration detention may know this notion better than others. Still, it is important that these people remember that they have rights, and reaching out to experienced New Jersey attorneys for help may prove useful to interested parties.