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Parents likely looking for criminal defense options for kids

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Young people may have the wrong idea that their actions will not have lasting consequences. Unfortunately, this idea could land them in significant legal trouble if a night out of raucous activity involves breaking the law. In fact, individuals charged with crimes may find themselves planning their criminal defense presentations rather than their next night out.

According to reports, six individuals were recently taken into custody in New Jersey after the group allegedly committed multiple crimes one night. Apparently, the individuals got into an unlocked vehicle at a home and opened the garage with an opener inside the vehicle. They then allegedly went into the home and left with the homeowner’s dog. Around 4 a.m., authorities received a call from another homeowner indicating that someone tried to open her front door. Officers responded to the scene, and another person said that she saw five people run through her yard.

Police officers were able to locate the five individuals, and two suspects were immediately apprehended. After additional searching, authorities located the three other suspects and took a sixth person into custody after she had allegedly been called to pick up the others while they were being pursued. It was noted that five of the individuals were juveniles and one was a 19-year-old male. All six were taken into custody and are facing charges, including conspiracy of receiving stolen property, receiving stolen property, burglary, resisting arrest and others.

These individuals and their parents likely never thought they would end up in such a serious predicament. Now, it is in their best interests to consider how they can obtain information about their criminal defense options. Their parents may find it useful to consult with New Jersey legal professionals about how their children’s cases will be handled.