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Criminal defense: Man accused of hit-and-run in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Facing any type of accusation can make a person feel defensive. If the accusations come as formal criminal charges, being defensive is often the right course of action. In fact, many cases hinge on accused parties’ criminal defense presentations against evidence provided by the prosecution.

One man in New Jersey is likely on the defensive after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the man was driving a vehicle east when he purportedly struck a 15-year-old boy and his 37-year-old father. The father and son were walking along the roadway at approximately 9 p.m. when the incident occurred. The driver of the vehicle apparently continued traveling and did not stop to render aid after the accident.

The event resulted in the teen suffering fatal injuries, and his father was also injured. Authorities later located the vehicle suspected to have been involved in the incident and took the 31-year-old man into custody. He is currently facing charges for causing the death of another while driving on a suspended license and knowingly leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

When accused of a hit-and-run, especially one that caused a fatality, individuals likely want to know what evidence led to them being under suspicion. The man accused in this New Jersey incident may be hoping to obtain the same information so that he may better combat the allegations in court. Understanding the evidence against him may allow him to create and present a criminal defense that helps him work toward the best outcomes possible.