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NJ establishes new law for safer passing

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Although many laws exist to reduce the chances of collisions on New Jersey roads, accidents happen with an unfortunate frequency level. New laws may intend to increase public safety, and responsible drivers might have just their behavior and adhere to the new rules. The arrival of the new Safe Passing Law hopes to protect people not traveling in a motor vehicle from drivers who commit unsafe lane changes. Hopefully, commuters will follow the law, decreasing injuries and fatalities along with traffic tickets.

Passing and safety concerns

March 1, 2022, saw the New Jersey Safe Passing Law become a reality, and pedestrians and bicyclists might cheer the event. So could those traveling on scooters or motorized wheelchairs. The regulations hope to protect these persons from harm.

The law considers people traveling outside of a motor vehicle vulnerable persons, and the new statute establishes the rules for drivers. The regulations mandate specific speed and safety zones, among other rules. The law mandates drivers to be more considerate of others and maximize safety when near people likely to suffer great harm in a crash.

Liabilities and the new law

With some traffic violations, the various defendants reveal that people don’t always follow the laws. Some might violate traffic rules because they don’t know the law has changed. Others could be more willful. The specifics may impact how harshly the law comes down on them.

Drivers involved in a collision with a vulnerable person might face more than a personal injury suit. The harm inflicted on someone on a bicycle or in a wheelchair may be fatal. In addition to a wrongful death lawsuit, criminal charges, including vehicular manslaughter, could threaten someone with a prison term.