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Drunk driving’s effects on employment

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Criminal Defense, Uncategorized

New Jersey motorists could face several consequences of driving under the influence. Even when no accident occurs, and the traffic stop and sobriety test conclude without any incidents, drivers may face penalties. That’s true for first offenders, although repeat offenders likely face severe sanctions. Punishments could extend beyond a Garden State courtroom, as drunk drivers may lose their jobs over their plight.

Drunk driving’s effects on employment

Those involved in transit or vehicle-based delivery services might end up terminated from their employment. Keeping a clean record could be an employment condition, and a drunk driving offense may ruin their record. While many won’t feel surprised that professional drivers suffer consequences, they might not realize many other professions consider DUI convictions when hiring or retaining an employee.

Many employers perform background checks when hiring someone. The company’s HR department may update background checks periodically, and a new DUI conviction might cause unexpected problems.

Perhaps the penalties for a DUI offense in New Jersey may lead to a ripple effect that impacts someone’s job. An offender may go to jail for up to 30 days. Missing work due to incarceration could lead to problems. So might the time commitments required to go through the state’s intoxicated driving program.

Dealing with DUI charges and employment matters

An employer may have seemingly logical reasons to fire someone convicted of a DUI. Concerns about employee liability and potential civil losses may worry an employer. Employees might hope they can beat the DUI charges in court so that a conviction does not appear on their records. An effective DUI criminal defense strategy may help such a cause.

Defective Breathalyzers may cause false positives, and so might mouthwash. A defense may reveal such things to support the accused’s case.