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Can asylum seekers claim U.S. benefits?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Immigration And Naturalization, Inmigración

People who seek asylum in the United States may be able to access certain key benefits. These may include the right to settle, live, and work in any of its states, including New Jersey. You may be eligible to remain in the U.S. due to religious, gender, racial, or other forms of persecution you experience at home.

Applying for asylum can afford you legal protection

A vital part of U.S. immigration law is the legal protection that you can receive as an applicant for asylum. If you should qualify for asylum, you can avoid being sent back to your country of origin. You will be allowed to stay in the U.S. You may even be able to apply for certain benefits that are available to American citizens.

If you apply for asylum, you will undergo a background check to make sure you are eligible. If this proves to be the case, you will be allowed to remain in the U.S. After one year has passed, you can apply for a green card. After you receive your card, you can apply to become an American citizen after four years.

How to obtain your asylum seeker benefits

The quickest way to obtain your benefits as an asylum seeker will be to apply to the Refugee Resettlement Agency (RRA). These benefits need to be applied for and obtained in a completely legal manner so as to avoid accusations of asylum fraud. If you pass the background check, you will be eligible for a number of very important benefits.

The RRA can help make your transition to living in the U.S. much easier. They can help you in areas such as gaining your refugee travel documents, food stamps, health care, Social Security Card, and other important benefits you may require.