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Pilots can face greater challenges when charged with DUI

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Criminal Defense

In New Jersey, someone who is charged with driving under the influence will be confronted with various legal problems. That includes the possibility of fines, jail and a driver’s license suspension. For a pilot, it can also negatively impact their ability to fly.

DUI charges can be problematic for pilots

Pilots charged with DUI need to be aware of what comes next, particularly regarding the possible penalties.

If a pilot flies across the United States, they are required to follow the laws of the state they are in. That includes adhering to the DUI laws. When there is a driver’s license suspension because of a DUI, it is possible that their pilot’s license can be retained during the suspension.

Pilots work under the Federal Aviation Administration. Based on the Federal Aviation Regulations, a pilot who has been charged with DUI must report the incident to the FAA within 60 days of its occurrence.

The report must be sent to the Civil Action Security Division located in Oklahoma City. Some might make the mistake of sending it to their Flight Standards District Office. If the pilot does not comply with the rules, even if it is a clerical error, they might not be allowed to fly.

When there is a DUI conviction, this needs to be included on a medical application. The same office in Oklahoma City must be informed within 60 days of the conviction.

Protect a pilot’s license after a DUI

A DUI when driving an automobile can jeopardize a pilot’s right to fly. Knowing the rules for a DUI charge in relation to a pilot’s license is essential. It can free the person to assess their options to fight the DUI case and reach a positive outcome.