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Criminal defense: Man accused of hit-and-run in New Jersey

Facing any type of accusation can make a person feel defensive. If the accusations come as formal criminal charges, being defensive is often the right course of action. In fact, many cases hinge on accused parties' criminal defense presentations against evidence provided by the prosecution.

Couple faces criminal charges after altercation with officer

For some people, getting pulled over by police can initiate a fight or flight response. Though this response is instinctual in many stressful situations, fighting or fleeing from police often creates more problems than solutions. In fact, additional criminal charges could result.

Man faces need for criminal defense due to multiple allegations

For some people, a simple traffic stop can quickly go downhill. If authorities believe that other suspect activity is taking place in addition to the reason for the stop, a person could end up facing serious allegations. If so, rather than driving away with a ticket, a driver may need to find information on criminal defense options.

Parents likely looking for criminal defense options for kids

Young people may have the wrong idea that their actions will not have lasting consequences. Unfortunately, this idea could land them in significant legal trouble if a night out of raucous activity involves breaking the law. In fact, individuals charged with crimes may find themselves planning their criminal defense presentations rather than their next night out.

Criminal defense important when facing animal cruelty charges

When a person is accused of committing a crime, he or she may have a long legal case ahead. Though an arrest does not necessarily mean that formal charges will result, the accused will need to take his or her case seriously if formally charged. Typically, one of the first steps that a person will want to take in such a situation is to understand the charges and criminal defense options.

Man needs criminal defense while facing numerous charges

For reasons often known only to them, some individuals get a taste for breaking the rules. As a result, they may carry out actions or behave in certain ways that could get them in serious trouble if the law catches up to them. Though they may think that they can get away with whatever they want, numerous people wind up needing a criminal defense before they know it.

Man's criminal defense important for attempted murder charge

People's actions can sometimes be difficult to understand. Those actions may seem random or uncharacteristic, and if they are violent, they can lead to serious criminal charges. In such cases, authorities will undoubtedly investigate, and an accused person will certainly want to gain information on criminal defense options.

New Jersey man facing murder charge after alleged shooting

Most people get into serious disagreements at some point in their lives. These disagreements can sometimes lead to shouting or physical contact, and some incidents may escalate further. If a dispute ends in a fatality, a murder charge could result, and the accused party will undoubtedly need a strong criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Vehicular homicide charge leveled after crash

When a car accident results in a death, it is not unusual for criminal charges to result. If authorities believe that the driver considered at fault was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident, it is even more likely for that driver to face charges. After such an event, the accused driver will certainly want to review his or her criminal defense options.

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